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Chinese Whispers

January 15, 2010

Drama, drama, drama. Everyone I know is fascinated by the Google China story. Here are five Google China rumors currently doing the rounds on Twitter. But as we all know, Twitter can be somewhat like Chinese whispers (pardon the pun), so please take these with a pinch of salt.

Tweet 1: All Google staff told Google China will close, State Council to decide punishment for Google tonight. (via @lonsonlo)

Tweet 2: Google (or parts of it) departing China within two months. (from Techweb)

Tweet 3: A Google employee told us their office in China went dark. No emails, calls or contact. (via @percychow)

Tweet 4: Google to help China staff get green cards for three year employment contracts. (from ChinaSMACK)

Tweet 5: Google and China working to salvage carriers’ Android plans. (from iPhonAsia)

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