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Internet use in China and the United States

February 14, 2010

I’m a sucker for numbers.  Here’s a little table comparing internet use in China and the US.  If you would like sources for any of the stats let me know.

China USA
Population 1,325,639,982 304,059,724
Number of internet users 384,000,000 227,719,000
Growth (2000-2009) 1,500% 138.8%
Penetration 26.9% 72.4%
% of world users 20.8% 13.1%
Mobile internet users 73,050,000 79,000,000
Users of SNS 176,000,000 (all users) 55,600,000 (adults logging onto SNS at least once a month)
Number of online shoppers 108,000,000 139,000,000
Value of online shopping transactions US$36.5 billion US$100 billion
Online spending growth (projected 2010) 36% 5.5%
% male users 54.9% 48.2%
% female users 45.1% 51.8%
% users under 25 51.2% 24.6%
Google search market share 35.6% 72%
Value of internet advertising market (2008) US$1.95 billion US$23 billion
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