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Goojje targeted by ‘unknown’ hackers

February 10, 2010

Just days after Google China’s announcement, caused a bit of a stir after setting up a search engine that looked somewhat familiar.  The website used a combination of Google and Baidu’s search technology and the site’s logo was remarkably similar to that of Google’s.  According to China Daily, the site was set up for just $4,400 and attracted around three million page views a day in the early days of its launch.

I decided to pop over to Goojje to see what those IP thieves guys were up to and it looks like the site has been (temporarily?) closed.  The site has an announcement (in Chinese) that says the website has been targeted by hackers.  The announcement roughly reads:

Unfortunately Goojje has been targeted by unknown hackers and over the past five days our server has been seriously disrupted…although we have no idea who the hackers are, Goojje would like to say we will continue to strive for our ideals.  Goojje will not give up to [the hackers’] threats, we will not give up waging this struggle, we will continue to glisten.

There you have it.

This development comes just days after Google threatened legal action against Goojje. Goojje insisted they would not close the site and several lawyers had offered free assistance to the company should it wish to fight Google’s copyright infringement claims.

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