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Social media campaign of the day: 32,000 to go

January 19, 2010

Heather Snodgrass (@likeomg), one of Australia’s social media darlings, helped put together THIS wonderful campaign to help Oasis Youth Support Network (part of the Salvation Army) get 32,000 young people off Australia’s streets.

Aptly named ‘32,000 to go’, the campaign is working together with Boost Mobile to raise funding and awareness.  The mobile carrier donates one dollar for every person joining Boost Mobile’s Facebook and Twitter groups. The team have also put together some short video clips telling the stories of youths who have been helped by Oasis YSN.

This is another great example of how charities and NGOs are working with the private sector to raise awareness and generate funding through social media in Australia. It is also a great case of companies using social media as an integral part of their CSR efforts.

Follow @boostmobile on Twitter, join their Facebook group and spread the word! Donating a dollar to a worthy cause has never been so easy!

PS. If you like food as much as I do, Heather’s blog is also a great read.

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