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2010: Digital Media in China

December 31, 2009

Interesting blog post by Matt McDougal (@sinotechian) over at the always-fascinating SinoTechBlog. In the post, Matt makes some interesting predictions for digital media in China in 2010:

  • Chinese government’s content censorship policy will broaden to include some domestic BBS, SNS or Video Sites (in 2009 most Western SNS and micro-blogging sites were blocked)
  • Social Commerce will develop;  a mixing of eCommerce and BBS/SNS meets (a kind of online shopping experience blended with real-time chat/engagement). This new area will emerge as user recommendations become increasing more important in the online purchase process
  • Social Media Monitoring will become a requirement for most companies as user generated content becomes more viral and potentially more damaging to a corporates image (not to mention their products, services or company executives)
  • Social network persona’s will become portable (or at least this is my hope). I predict that I could build a profile on Tianya and my persona could be used easily among the social media’s such as Douban or Quan360 (as examples) without re-friending everyone or developing ‘new’ profiles.
  • Western SNS will look increasingly to their Chinese compatriots for ‘inspiration‘. We saw this with Facebook’s most popular social game of late, Farmville, which was entirely inspired by “Happy Farm.”


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